Our Team

At our web agency, we have a talented team of web developers, designers, and marketers who are passionate about delivering exceptional digital experiences for our clients. Our team members are highly skilled, creative, and innovative, with a wealth of experience in their respective fields.
Mahdi Rasti
Mahdi RastiCEO
Mohsen Asagri
Mohsen AsagriVisual identity designer
Mohammadreza Zahedi
Mohammadreza ZahediCTO
Mohammadreza Tanhaei
Mohammadreza TanhaeiFrontEnd Developer
Abolfazl Sowdagary
Abolfazl SowdagaryFrontEnd Developer
Bardia Adibi
Bardia AdibiUI/UX Designer
Saeed Rasti
Saeed RastiBackEnd Developer
Mohammad Hesari
Mohammad HesariBackEnd Developer
Mohammad Tanhaei
Mohammad TanhaeiSpecialist SEO
Pouria Gholamzadeh
Pouria GholamzadehSpecialist SEO
Company Information
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